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Acupuncture in London - A private London-based practice, specialising in acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Robbins Headache Clinic - Contains hundreds of articles on migraine-related issues and the latest medications being used to treat headaches.

Why Be Healthy Health Food Store - Order online or Call 020 8445 4397, Natural Healthy Clinic, Ailment Database, Health Supplements.

Back to Health Physiotherapy - Back to Health Physiotherapy clinics provide a professional, confidential and personalised physiotherapy treatment service.

Portland Acupuncture Clinic - Metis Acupuncture Clinics helps you manage pain with acupuncture treatments and Chinese medicine. Call us 503.819.2904.

Online Pharmacy - Online US Health is an online pharmacy providing trusted access to a wide selection of online pharmacies. Enjoy complete confidentiality as you order your prescription medication from our award winning customer service.

Yera health - Yera health comprises of: Yera Natural Health Clinic- Essendon & Rye, Yera Health Retreat- Rye

OnlinePharmacy.La - Online Pharmacy - Online Pharmacy is an online drugstore that offers you cheap and high-quality medicines at reasonable price.

Karma Clinic - Karma Clinic is an online complementary health clinic, set up by therapist Jenna Robins. Visit her clinical practices in Wilmslow and Alderley Edge, Cheshire, UK. Jenna Robins has 17 years of clinical experience. Jenna is a qualified massage therapist and baby massage instructor. Jenna runs successful baby massage courses and also specialises in massage for pregnancy. Jenna has a seaweed therapy clinic and mail order product line. Jenna is also a writer, columnist and BBC radio chat show host.

Sudbury Laser Health Clinic - Quit Smoking or loss Weight Today, The Easy Way With Laser Therapy, It's a one hour session, It's painless, effortless and no side effects.