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Q: Is this a new theory for the cause of migraine headaches?
A: Absolutely not! A tale about a man having a one sided headache caused by eating cheese and drinking red wine was written in the middle ages. Celsus (215-300 AD) described migraine triggers as drinking wine, or crudity (stomach upset) or cold, or heat of a fire, or the sun. Even the drug companies include a list of possible migraine food triggers in their brochures.

Q: How long have you been treating headache patients?
A: Dr. G. R. Douglas, D.C. developed a very complicated and time consuming testing procedure in 1979 after working on his brothers migraine headaches for four years. He used this extensive procedure on thousands of patients from all over the world until his retirement in 2001. After retirement he devoted his time to finding a way to make his non-invasive treatment available to the millions of migraine suffers around the world. The computer and laser technology was introduced a couple of years ago and has had incredibly successful results.

Q: Is this equipment FDA approved?
A: This equipment is FDA cleared (the FDA clears machines and approves drugs). The technology is also protected by multiple U.S. and International patents.

Q: If migraine headaches are caused by something in my environment, will an allergy test or a blood test identify the trigger?
A: An allergy is an inappropriate immune response to something in your environment. If migraines were caused by allergies then you could take an antihistamine and stop the headache pain. The answer we are looking for isnt in the blood. Looking in the blood would be like going rabbit hunting in the ocean. You would be hunting in the wrong place.